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Francis - God's Jester (Solo)
"Fabulous Prelude for "God's Jester" - A ONE MAN SHOW. For the January full house premier in Zurich's Stock Theater, Actor Stefan Kollmuss, from Theater 58, effortlessly slips into the play's many rolls. With his impressive mimic, verve and theatrical skill, the actor fully captures the audience as he interprets the scenes of the life of the holy Francis. He flawlessly enters the minds of the spectators thanks to his great acting skill, copious imagery and the scenarios he develops. As the holy Francis, Kollmuss draws the audience into his spell as he metamorphoses into the wolf, speaks through the birds and brilliantly assumes the role of Pope Innocence III. He takes on these roles so convincingly, brilliantly and lustfully that the drops of sweat from his forehead are very real and felt by all.The audience was totally enchanted and thanked this talented actor profusely for his brilliant acting with many curtain calls and shouts of fantastic, phenomenal, and great acting!"

Daniela Schwegler, Reformiert, 29.1.2010


Der Zerbrochne Krug
"SH-Pektakel newcomer Stefan Kollmuss is adorable to watch when sinking so deeply into his chair that his feet float above the ground, or while he fervently cleans his computer keyboard with raised eyebrows."

Susi Stühlinger, Schaffhauser AZ, 29.7.2010


Land Ohne Worte / Samurai / Licht
"Noteworthy is the performance of the actors: Stefan Kollmuss gives the profusely perspiring, desperately tormented staffer..."
Monika Burri, Tages Anzeiger, 14.11.2008

The characteristics of good lies
"The way in which Kollmuss peeled potatoes so that their skins grew to a startling infinite length, while turning the tubers loosly and easly in his hands, yet still following his colleagues comments about the beauty of creative art seemed almost uncanny. Is Art now imitating Life or is it not more likely the oposite?"

Tanja Holzer, March Anzeiger, 7.7.2008


Der Simulant
"The malingerer, Stefan Kollmuss is perfectly suited for center stage attention. He suffers, moans and shouts his way through the evening, and with his tricks successfully leads the couple from one exasperation to the next."

Martin Etter, Der Bund, 12.7.2003


"To keep up humoristic depth in the face of narrow-mindedness is tricky, but for Stefan Kollmuss this is a piece of cake."

Walo Von Fellenberg, Blick, 12.7.2003


"Stefan Kollmuss shines in the role of sly Etzel"

Lucie Machac, BZ, 12.7.2003


Franziskus - Gaukler Gottes (1. Solo)
"In a stupendous and striking contrast to the Spartan scenery, stands the passionate acting by Stefan Kollmuss. He enacts, Francis, the Pope, a rebellious youngster, a crippled soldier and a wolf - to mention some of the over twenty different characters - a feat which puts his astonishing transformation abilities to a constant test. Kollmuss pulls out all the stops through his remarkable range of mimical expressions, and especially shines in those roles which take a closer look at an era of fanaticism, war and religious conflicts."

smb, Der Bund, 8.11.2002


"In the over twenty parts, which Stefan Kollmuss portrays, the 30 year old actor radiates an astonishing stage-presence. The strength, anger, determination and sarcastic wit, which drives the young Francis in his exploits, can literally be felt in Kollmuss’ intensive acting."

Patrizia Legnini, Zürcher Unterländer, 14.10.2002


"Not only was Francis a gifted speaker, able to enthrall both humans and animals, he also knew how to dramatically put across his credo. This is exactly what Stefan Kollmuss successfully conveys. He personifies Francis with such intensity and passion, turning the play into an experience not to be missed."

Anita Gertiser, Neue Zuger Zeitung, 23.9.2002


"Stefan Kollmuss is the talented actor behind the various different roles in this play. Seemingly, and without effort, he mimics Francesco, several different narrators and many other figures. A special highlight of the evening is Kollmuss´s impersonation of the famished wolf. Impressive roars and rumbling snarls mark Stefan Kollmuss´s talent for mimicry and dance."

Sonja Augustin, Aargauer Zeitung, 1.3.2002


"The thirty year old Stefan Kollmuss offers a stunning performance. In this one man show, he potrays St. Francis the Jester, the Pope and numerable smaller roles on the side. His asides in Italian, French and English seem amusing to those who do not speak the languages, but for those who do, like the entire play, they are not only entertained, but are also made to think."
Thierry Frochaux, PS, 7.3.2002

Gott ist ein DJ
"Doris Strütt and Stefan Kollmuss outdo each other and create a fascinating showcase in the art of acting. In the turn of the hand, the verge of disaster is exposed as a show-piece, euphoria changes into aggression, and screams and ranting grow into silence - a highly recommendable rollercoaster."

bu, Aargauer Zeitung / Limmattaler Tagblatt, 15.5.2002


"In Doris Strütt and Stefan Kollmuss Gösken has found two strong actors with the ability to dreamily and gracefully move to the ambient beats of David Thayer. A first highlight of this year’s Hope & Glory Festival."

Anja Lauber, Tages Anzeiger, 8.4.2000


"The two actors show with their stage presence a piece of theatre reality. They easily integrate all forms of media into the theatre, and playfully lead the audience across the border that separates fiction from reality..."

Urs Bugmann, Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 20.5.2000


Phil Noir
"The effort was worth it: The three actors accomplish great acting. For two hours, they lead us through the story at high speed, play with Hollywood clichés and enthrall the audience with their acting."
David Notter, Zürcher Unterländer, 27.10.1999


"As the main actor, he would definitely be worth sinning for" ;-)
Gewerbeverein Winkel, Dorfziitig Winkel, Okt/Nov/Dez 1999

Ceremonial del Fin
"Unconventional should by no means be confused with immature! What the actor Stefan Kollmuss and the various dancers have presented is of very high quality....Speaker/actor Stefan Kollmuss is a perfect cast."
Ursula Noser, Schaffhauser Nachrichten, 27.10.1998

Blood (Graduation play)
"A trendy priest... nicely drawn and convincingly presented... They have clearly learned a great deal in the technical sense, speaking and moving with professional ease... possessing that blessed quality, little to do with looks and personality, of displacing air on stage, and I expect to see them again sooner rather than later."
Gerry Colgan, The Irish Times, 21.6.1996

A Streetcar named Desire
"The way they managed to transport the opressive atmosphere into Stellas apartment was very impressive... Stefan Kollmuss renders a convincingly macho and brutal Stanley who makes the sensitive Stella suffer horribly."
Monika Wegemann, Zuger Zeitung, 13.12.1993

A Late Winters Tale (1. Play)
"Even though all the characters are performed with much devotion and empathy, one actor surpassed them all: Stefan Kollmuss acted the sly Angelo with such a hearty dose of extrovert, that he reaped applause time and again throughout the play."
bas, Zuger Zeitung, 29.3.1993